About OMO Child Äthiopien, Germany

In November 2019 I spent my vacation in Ethiopia. I was so impressed by the warmth of the people, the breathtaking natue and the cultural diversity that I continued to read and research about the country after my return. This way I came across OMO Child. The fate of the Mingi-children moved me deeply, so that I decided to help Lale Labuko with his life-task OMO Child. Through OMO Child Austria I entered a sponsorship for a child in spring 2020. After a few months I decided to broaden my engagement beyond a purely financial one. Together with some friends I founded a German sister charity to broaden the base of OMO Child, especially in difficult times like these.

Carmen Kisters

Our goal is to improve the situatin of the Mingi-children of Omo valley. Through donations and activities we want to contribute to the care of the children, the set-up of infrastructure and the eductaion of the local community about the Mingi superstitio.

Please help us to give a future to the children and to stop Mingi!

Carmen Kisters, 1. Chairwoman OMO Child Äthiopien, Germany e.V.

July 2021


Through sponsorship, you will not only ensure that a child is looked after, you will also be looking after the child’s future.