It is clear that there is much suffering in this world and there are many organizations whose many projects try to alleviate this suffering and are worth supporting. Over and over again we are told that Africa is a difficult place for for charitable organizations to be effective. We believe that is yet another reason to help!

Who saves a single life, saves the entire world

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monthly needed for livelihood, school operations etc.


OMO Child Ethiopia is an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) that works honestly and efficiently. A team of 14 people currently cares for 50 children and the administrative costs are kept within a reasonable limit. At the moment the organization is financed mainly by us, OMO Child Äthiopien Austria and small donations in Ethiopia.
An old friend of Lale Labuko, John Rowe, who is a photographer and film maker, has accompanied Lale Labuko over a period of 5 years and has made (financed out of his own pocket) an extremely moving film called “OMO Child – The River and The Bush”, which sheds light on these children’s situation better than words can explain.

Website of the prize-winning film „Omo child the river and the bush“ by John Rowe


Film trailer

Omo Child Trailer

A presentation by Lale Labuko introducing himself and his humanitarian organization, as well as discussing the importance of education


Robert and Barbara Ebner were traveling in Ethiopia when they found out about the fate of the mingi children in the Omo Valley and they first met Lale Labuko. They were so moved by this experience and impressed by the commitment of Lale and his team that they immediately decided to support his project. All of the members and helpers of OMO Child Äthiopien Austria work on a voluntary basis, so non of the money donated is spent on administration costs.
  • this is a small, self-contained organization
  • the transparency of all activities is ensured (both associations are officially registered and are obliged to publish all financial transactions)
  • All resources are implemented specifically to achieve the greatest benefit


Name of the association:
OMO Child Äthiopien, Austria

Association headquarters:
4060 Leonding

1841518152 BH Linz-Land

Chair of the Association:
Mag. Robert Ebner

OMO Child Äthiopien, Austria
4060 Leonding

+43 732 6868 8610