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Report on Austrian TV, channel PRO 7, 11th of Nov 2019, 22:50

“10 Facts – Dangerous Places” (season 3, episode 4) “

On Austrian TV, in the series “10 facts” on channel Pro7, the Omo Valley was also known as one of the most dangerous places in the world, at least for children – because the Mingi superstition is practiced there. The report was rather haunting, but unfortunately it was said in the end that Lale Labuko had achieved the superstition of Mingi – and unfortunately, as we know only too well, that is not correct. Lale has stopped the killing in his own tribe, the Kara – which of course is a big deal! But two other tribes, the Hamar and Bena, are still practicing this terrible superstition – and we’re talking about ethnic groups with about 40,000 people; i.e. there are still 200 – 300 children threatened by Mingi. Our attempts to contact the Pro7 responsible editorial persons to ask for a correction or to get the authorization to publish the video on our homepage, unfortunately, were unsuccessful; we got no answer. Therefore, we can only publish two stills from the video at this point.

(acknowledgement of copyright pictures: Pro7 – “10 Fakten – Gefährliche Orte” (Staffel 3, Episode 4)”

Interview with Lale Labuko, Founder of “OMO Child Ethiopia”, and Barbara Ebner, OMO Child Äthiopien, Austria



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Omo Child Trailer

A presentation by Lale Labuko introducing himself and his humanitarian organization, as well as discussing the importance of education