About OMO Child Ethiopia Austria

In 2017 my wife Barbara and I were in Ethiopia over the Christmas holidays, both to get to know the country and to explore its culture.
Ethiopia is one of the poorest countries in the world, but has a fascinating and turbulent history. Over 80 different tribes, speaking a variety of languages, still maintain their old traditions and practice their old rituals – and as we found out, some of them are brutally cruel. Alongside female genital mutilation (“female circumcision”), the absolute worst is the practice of mingi.

Through a – I’d like to say “fortunate” – chain of circumstances I met Mr. Lale Labuko, the founder of the Omo Child organization, who tries to rescue these children and give them a home. I spent some time with the children, played and talked to them, and experienced at first hand how Lale Labuko and his team look after them.

This experience moved me deeply, and Barbara and I decided to help. As soon as we returned to Austria, we started our project.

Executive committee members OMO Child Äthiopien

That is why we founded an association: OMO Child Ethiopia Austria. Lale Labuko has been invited to come to Austria to talk to scho

ols and service clubs and tell the story of the mingi children, and we have started fund raising with our friends and organizing sponsorships. We have also contacted the

Austrian media so that the public are made aware of these children’s fate.

All of these activities are well underway. But there is still much to do, such as building a larger home with a school so that more children can be looked after and provided with a sound education.

Please help to save these children and do away with this terrible ritual once and for all.

Robert Ebner, Founder of the OMO Child Ethiopia Austria association

March, 2018


Through sponsorship, you will not only ensure that a child is looked after, you will also be looking after the child’s future.