Help as much as you can


With your donation you help to provide basic care for the children (food, clothes, medical care, education etc.). Also a school bus to bring the children from the surrounding villages to the school is urgently needed. We are currently working towards this funding.

Donations can be one-time cash donations or sponsorships. We pass on 100% of all incoming funds, without deducting administrative, advertising or organizational costs. We are a non-profit foundation and are allowed to issue donation receipts for German tax filings

You can find our exemtion notice here.

Our donations account:

OMO Child Äthiopien, Germany e.V.

Sparkasse Rhein-Maas

IBAN: DE 33 3245 0000 0030 0485 16


Please enter your name and full address on the remittance slip, so that we can issue a donation receipt. If the address is incomplete, we are not allowed to issue a donation receipt for tax purposes.

For donations of 100€ and more, you will automatically receive a donation receipt within three months after the transfer.

As a general rule – in Germany – donations up to 300€ can be claimed in the tax declaration without donations receipt. For this you need a transfer confirmation of your bank (e.g. banking statement) as well as the following attached exemption letter (§50 para 2 no. 2b EStDV), which you can download here.


Through a sponsorship you do not only ensure that a child is being looked after, but you will also be looking after the childs future. You help in a very special way, because a sponsorship is a huge emotional support for the children: to know that somebody believes in them. The children become responsible adults who take their future into their own hands and shape and change the world in which they live.

The objective of a sponsorship is to support a child until the end of his education and beyond. But of course it is also possible to end the sponsorship with a three month notice period.

25% sponsorship

  • 600,- Euro year

50% sponsorship

  • 1.200,- Euro year

75% sponsorship

  • 1.800,- Euro year

100% sponsorship

  • 2.400,- Euro year

Of course, a sponsorship can also be shared among a group of like-minded people such as a sporting club or the local branch of a service club.


Through sponsorship, you will not only ensure that a child is looked after, you will also be looking after the child’s future.